Where to Get High Quality Celebrity Images

If you have not noticed it yet, the images you see on Google are usually linked to websites that these high quality celebrity images appeared first. They come from online magazines and similar reading materials. Aside from their own professional photographers, some website purchase and download the celebrity images from celebrity image websites, such as Shutterstock and Getty Images. Thus, they do not have to worry about violating any rights in the process.

How about you? What do you need the high quality celebrity images for? Most people who use these images are part of the creative community, such as bloggers and web designers. They incorporate celebrity images to attract more readers. Some others use it to convince customers of the effectiveness of their product. After all, what is more effective promotion than Jennifer Lawrence, popularly known as Katniss Everdeen of the Hunger Games, saying a product works?

If you are meaning to use high quality images for editorial purposes, you can purchase and download them from one of the largest stock photo websites in the Internet – Shutterstock. Other stock sites also offer celebrity images. You just have to find the reliable ones. These images are usually pricier than the typical stock image, so you might want to prepare a larger amount of money. But, you can be sure that you have the right license to use the image.

What if you want to use the images for commercial purposed? Well, that is a different subject which has a different requirement. You need to ask permission from the celebrity herself or himself. If the celebrity is deceased, ask permission from a representative. Typically, you will sign a contract that allow you to use the image in exchange for a share of the profit. Based on what you are going to receive, that is pretty fair.

What happens if you use the images without permission?

This is where the trouble begins. Have you heard of lawsuits involving the use of high quality celebrity images? Some are public lawsuits while others are private. The celebrities can easily win the dispute by proving that their images are of high commercial value. If proven guilty, you will face serious consequences. You can pay an amount so large you could go bankrupt. Thus, it is better to get permission first.

Unless you are using the images for commercial purposes, you do not need permission. But that does not mean you can just browse through Google and download the first image that you see. You need to get them from the right website to avoid getting sued for copyright violations. Remember that a lawsuit will not only cause you financial damages. It can also ruin your reputation. So, the next time you look for high quality celebrity images, only get them from the right sources.